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About Blackstone Paving & Construction Limited

Considering the scope of our services and our level of execution, our clients are often surprised to find out that we are and always have been a family owned and operated business.

Construction: Part of Our Family for Three Generations

In 1995 Don Bigioni chose to follow in his Father’s footsteps and set out on his own in the construction industry. After all, he already had 20 years experience in construction, working for many of the largest, best-known road-building businesses in the industry.

Rapid Growth

Bringing his experience and expertise in completing even the largest projects, Don’s new venture, Blackstone Paving & Construction Limited, quickly earned a reputation as the go-to option for parking lot and road construction projects.

Blackstone Today

Today, Don remains at the helm of Blackstone, working with the next generation of his family. And, while asphalt paving remains one of our areas of expertise, the company has grown to include all aspects of construction and general contracting.

Some Things Will Never Change

While we’ve been fortunate to enjoy remarkable growth, our vision and values remain the same as those Don held close when he first launched Blackstone.


When you do something often enough, you don’t need to consciously make it a priority. It is simply there, a constant, always first, always complete, from start to finish. Safety is ingrained in everything we do.

Team Work

Each one of our construction crews, the people who support them, the sales people who find them more work, and our management, work together in their groups and as a whole to find creative solutions, optimize productivity, and drive better results.


Hand-in-hand with the teamwork we practise within the company, we seek out partnerships and build ongoing relationships with our suppliers and customers. As we work together, we build more than construction projects. We build strong relationships that inspire growth and benefit every stakeholder.

Reliability, Integrity & Accountability

Being a family-run business means our only option is to do our best for our customers and their projects. That means getting the job done to specification or better, doing so with best practices of construction and business, and taking responsibility for our actions. It’s the only way we know to honour our family and our company.


The Management Team at Blackstone is one of the most professional and trusted groups I have had the pleasure of working with.  Whether it is a capital project or last-minute repair, Blackstone is always the right call.  Blackstone is always willing to work with our team to ensure they provide value to ICC and its properties.

Steven Christodoulou

Chief Visionary Officer, ICC Property Management